Beginners and Advanced Practitioners Welcome in all Classes
Hot classes are not appropriate for pregnant women or children under age 14

Après Ski Yoga Stretch: This is a great class to take after a day of skiing, riding or snowshoeing. Beginning with spine warming Sun Salutations, then followed by series of slow paced poses that involve stretching, twists, and balancing. This class will help you recover from fatigue and tired muscles, and prepare you for the next day on the slopes. A perfect class for people of all levels!  Class is 55 minutes and is practiced in a warm room.

HOT Pilates: Be ready to sweat and move! This 55-minute California Style Hot Pilates class will challenge and energize your mind and body. It combines Pilates mat exercises with the principles of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to strengthen and challenge the whole body including the cardiovascular system. Set to energizing music, this class is truly a unique and exciting workout. The room temperature is between 90-95 degrees.

Yoga+Hot Pilates: If you love the Hot Pilates class, but need a little more Yoga Stretch, then you’ll love this class! ~20 minutes of Core ~10 minutes of HIIT ~25 minutes of Yoga Stretch. Room temperature is between 90-95 degrees.

Hot Yoga Core: The beauty of Hot-Flow Core Yoga is the variety. The style, pace and intensity will all vary depending on the needs of the students. Beginning with breath work, moving through sun salutations to stretching poses and plenty of core strengthening. This is a perfect class for those coming from low to high altitude and have been on the slopes all day. Room is heated 85-90 degrees.

Mindful Flow: This vinyasa flow class awakens the body/mind with an invitation to turn inward and enjoy the connection of breath and movement. Class begins with sun salutations and builds to gentle hip openers, preparing the body for skiing or other mountain activities. Balance your mind, body and nervous system in this Mindful Flow Yoga class. To increase flexibility, the room is warm.

Hot 26-Bikram Style: A sequence of 26 beginning yoga poses practiced in a heated studio between 100 & 105 degrees to increase flexibility and flush toxins while stimulating all systems of the body. We are NOT a “Bikram College of India” studio.  We have a softer, more traditional approach to yoga.  The room is really nice and HOT! This class is 90 minutes in length.

Bikram Fusion: If you love how the Bikram practice makes you feel afterward, but need a few more hip openers, upper body & core, then you’ll love this class. The room is heated 95-100 degrees and is an intelligent mixture of Bikram & Vinyasa. Designed to strengthen the body and mind, while opening the chakras and feeding the spirit. This class is 60 minutes in length.

Sunday Reset Meditation: Our guided meditation classes offer a comfortable sacred space and are perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners. This class utilizes brief spinal warm ups and various meditation focal points that provide a strong foundation for greater awareness. Meditation is a practice by which a person achieves increased mental clarity, vitality and improved productivity. Some other benefits include: greater sense of awareness, wisdom, introspection, stress reduction and a deeper sense of relaxation. Neuroscience defines meditation as a bicep curl for the brain! Donation based meditation class.

~Recovering from injury? Before class, please have approval from your PT or Physician~


  1. I really like Bikram, but sometimes I want something a little more gentle. I am going to try your flow class on Saturday. Also, the location at the Canyons Ski Resort is very convenient. The valet at the Westgate is too. They are so nice!

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