Thai Yoga Therapy Massage:

Thai Yoga Therapy, also known as Thai Massage, is the perfect way to release muscle tension after a day of vigorous activity. It is, also, beneficial if you have chronic stiffness, Thai matdifficulty sleeping or experience high stress levels.

Thai Yoga Therapy is a unique system that combines the ancient healing art of pressure with the deep meditative stretches found in yoga practice. With the hands-on experience of rhythmic acupressure and various yoga twists and stretches. This style of massage will release tension, stimulating vitality and improve range of motion in the receiver. Benefits Include: Treats Migraines and Chronic Tension-Type Headaches; Reduces Stress and Eases Anxiety; Improves Range of Motion; Reduces Lower Back Pain.

Please come dressed in lightweight stretchy clothing.


~60 minutes= $150

~75 Minutes= $188

Available at the Studio or In-Room

(Additional travel fee if outside of the Studio may apply)

To Schedule an Appointment, Call Trudee @ 435 659 6950

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