Thai Yoga Therapy Massage:

Thai Yoga Therapy, also known as Thai Massage, is the perfect way to release muscle tension after a day of vigorous activity. It is, also, beneficial if you have chronic stiffness, Thai matdifficulty sleeping or experience high stress levels. Thai Yoga Therapy is a unique system that combines the ancient healing art of pressure with the deep meditative stretches found in yoga practice. With the hands-on experience of rhythmic acupressure and various yoga twists and stretches. This style of massage will release tension, stimulating vitality and improve range of motion in the receiver. Benefits Include: Treats Migraines and Chronic Tension-Type Headaches; Reduces Stress and Eases Anxiety; Improves Range of Motion; Reduces Lower Back Pain.

Please come dressed in lightweight stretchy clothing.

Review: Ellen C: While on a ski vacation in Park City, I scheduled a class and then a Thai Massage at Yoga Kula Project. I’ve had a lot of body work done and when you travel and try someone new, you never know what you’re going to get. My Thai Massage with Trudee was absolutely excellent. If you’ve never had this kind of massage before, you have to know what you’re getting into. You don’t lie on a table naked while someone massages you. With Thai, you wear comfortable, stretchy clothes (like for yoga) and you lie on a comfy, cushioned mat on the floor. There is some participation on the part of the recipient, but not much. For example, sometimes you hold her wrist as she holds you and gently pulls you into a satisfying stretch while applying pressure to your muscles with her foot. It is heavenly and the perfect kind of massage if you’re skiing because there is so much stretch incorporated into the massage. Trudee even perceived that I needed some lymphatic drainage work and incorporated that into my treatment. She was right! I will absolutely come back on my next trip to Park City! Thanks, Trudee!


~60 minutes= $150

~75 Minutes= $188

To Schedule an Appointment, Call Trudee @ 435 659 6950


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