My wife and I are Park City locals and the Yoga Kula Project is by far the best in town! We started practicing Bikram Yoga while living in Hawaii for 3 years and when we came back home to PC we were lucky enough to find Bikram at Yoga Kula…The facilities are top notch and the instructors are even better! Trudee, the owner has put together the perfect fit of Yoga philosophy, instructors, facility and location….one of the additional perks of taking a class at Yoga Kula is being able to use the Spa, and Pool/Hot Tub facilities of the Westgate Hotel (where the studio is located)…..not bad to be able to participate in a wonderful Hot Yoga session on a Sat morning, then just steps away take a quick relaxing hot tub with the snow falling all around …then walking to the slopes for a few hours of skiing at the Canyons Resort…..cant beat that! My only suggestion to make it even better than it is is to incorporate what our Bikram studio in Hawaii did….at the end of the Bikram class everyone loved receiving an ice cold, scented oshibori (Japanese wet hand towel) when class was over. As we’re laying down in savasana, the instructor passed out oshiboris to everyone….ahhhhhh~ It was as refreshing as drinking an icy, cold beer after a long day of work, or like having shaved ice on a hot, summer day. The perfect end and reward after working hard and sweating your butt off. I will have to suggest that to Trudee on our next lesson….regardless….You will really enjoy visiting Yoga Kula….. 3/18/14