Yoga Kula Project is a great place to do and enhance ones yoga practice. Trudee is a skilled instructor adaptable to those practicing that time. She remembers you if it’s been awhile since you last were there and make everyone feel welcome regardless of skill level. Trudee is excellent at helping injury recovery and from burnout. 8 months ago I found Yoga Kula Project. I find it very hard to go else where to practice. Trudee is skilled at bringing other instructors that entices to keep coming again. The first Tuesday of the month Chris a master at leading a good practice will do the 5:30pm. Josie, Janet, Amber, Heather and other guest instructors make a well balanced Yoga Kula Project the best. Bookmark Practice at Yoga kula Project 3 times in a week and you will feel better physically mentally and spiritually. 6/8/14