I was on my second trip to Park City early this month for a ski trip with friends, and I practice Bikram actively, so I am always looking for a location to continue my workouts. Yoga Kula Project is wonderful. It’s my home away from home. This is my second year using the studio, and I love it. Trudy, the owner, is knowledgeable and welcoming. Her diverse classes cover the needs for all who practice any form of Yoga, Pilates or Boot Camp. And the fact that she alters the Apres Ski classes toward a hard day after the mountain is fabulous. Yoga Kula Project is a must, if you are into physical fitness or if you just want to stretch. What I thought was wonderful about her classes was that couples practiced together. Honestly, Trudy’s classes make even the first timer feel welcomed, stretched and not lost. Yoga Kula Project is a great deal for the money. She has mats and towels for a dollar each, and if you are staying for awhile and want to partake in daily classes (you will she really stretches and teaches you), then call her beforehand and she will create a package so that you only pay once. Classes are $18 with a mat or $17 without. Yoga Kula Project is a find!!! It’s the kinda place that you would want as your main studio. And Trudy is the instructor you always wanted. Kudos to her for creating my AwayYoga Studio that is HOME!!! See you next year Trudy and Thanks.