Trudee Sanbonmatsu

Voted ‘Park City’s Best Yoga Instructor’



Owner/Operator of Yoga Kula Project, Trudee Sanbonmatsu, BS, AYT has been a student of yoga since 1991. She is a certified Yoga Instructor through Yoga Union and is trained in the arts of Thai Yoga Therapy and Reiki Healing. Additionally, she is a certified Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist. Trudee has taken numerous workshops from John Friend, Baron Baptiste, Bryan Kest, Sianna Sherman and more. She finished the Level I & Level II Anusara Immersion taught by Christina Sell and Noah Maze. Meditation is a daily part of Trudee’s practice and she recently returned from a 10 day silent meditation at the Buddhist Vipassanameinstudio Center in North Fork California. Trudee’s sense of humor and commitment to non-judgment provides a safe place for students to explore, break boundaries and release layers of physical, emotional and  psychic weight. Her yoga classes integrate mindful asana with proper alignment, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. She loves teaching in a heated room and, also, teaches styles of yoga such as Restore, Yin, Vinyasa, Bikram and Hot Pilates.

Trudee graduated from the University of Utah where she holds bachelor’s degrees in Speech Rhetoric & Writing and Gender Studies.


Joie Astudillo

Joie Astudillo fell in love with the mountains and snow of Utah. Argentinean by birth, she dove into the world of yoga 10 years ago. She attended The Integrated School of Yoga in Salt Lake City and studied the Purna Yoga Method, meaning to “integrate or combine.”  This method made a lot of sense to Joie and in 2010 she became an International Yoga Teacher with The Yoga Federation.
Joie has also completed 3 Reiki Levels and Yoga Therapy Training.
“I want to keep on growing in this path, as I teach I learn, as I feel happier I grow, as my heart is more humble I open to all possibilities” ~Joie


Ann Debenham Phillips,

Ann1has been passionate about yogic practices for many years. She completed her Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in India and enjoys teaching yoga and meditation. Ann has a committed daily practice incorporating meditation, asana, pranayama and pratyahara.

She is, also, trained as a Master Aesthetician and combines the ancient yogic arts to her work at Park City Westgate Serenity Spa. Her favorite quote is: “Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true.”



Emily Podschweit dove hard into her yogic journey after multiple knee injuries and surgeries from years of damage from volleyball. She received her BA in Miami at Florida International University where she played D1 beach volleyball.

Yoga has opened the door for her to understand what it means to honor and connect the body, mind and spirit.She has completed 200+ hours of Anusara Yoga teacher training and is currently advancing in that discipline. Additionally, she is advancing her expertise in the use of essential oils and Ayurvedic practices. Podschweit believes in teaching her students the principals of body alignment and, equally important, are the practices of meditation including self-inquiry. Her goal for teaching is to have her students


Jenna Neubauer


Jenna has been an avid yogi since 2010 and completed her comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training through Yogaworks Houston; strongly influenced by Anusara, Forrest and Baptiste yoga styles. She is, also, an experienced Reiki Master and received her Master III training from the Usui System of Natural Healing.

Her classes promote self-love in a safe sacred space, while encouraging each student to explore their own unique mind, body and soul. “Sharing the gift of yoga ignites my soul,” she writes. Her classes are welcoming for beginners through advanced practitioners.

Recently, Jenna traveled to Teotihuacan on a Toltec Spirit Journey. She has a strong meditation practice and completed a 10 day Vipassana silent meditation course.


Whitney ReedWhitney-head shot pink

Whitney has been teaching meditation for 17 years and practicing meditation under the Vipassana Theravada lineage for 19 years. Her meditation path deepened while pursuing her PhD in Clinical Psychology. During this training she decided, amidst the piles of research, that Mindfulness Meditation was the modality she wanted to research over any other form of psychotherapy. After leaving her PhD program, she focused primarily on Mindfulness, Dharma and Meditation leading her to undertake a series of long retreats. Eventually, she completed an intensive two-year dharma training at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and a teacher training at the Mindfulness Institute. Additionally, She completed a 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training through Prajna Yoga.

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