30 Day Yoga & Meditation Challenge

A teacher can open the door, but you must enter yourself.

Join us in October for our 30 day Yoga & Meditation Challenge. Learn about recent cutting-edge neuroscience of the brain and the positive effects that researchers are finding with those who have a daily yoga and meditation practice.30dayChall Door

This program is designed for everyone, regardless of experience.

You will have month long support with dietary issues. Also, ongoing information will be available to support you emotionally and assist you with yoga and meditation.

All materials will be provided. All you have to do is sign up, create your goals and show up.

For more information, contact: yogakulaproject@gmail.com. Deadline to sign up: Sunday 9/25/16.


Bike to Yoga class

A Perfect Morning or Evening Routine: 

This is a great way to add yoga into your daily life. Ride your bike to the Canyons Resort. Lock it on the bike stand outside the Marketplace behind the Westgate Resort. Then enter into Westgate’s ELK LODGE, by the tennis courts.

Take an awesome yoga class @ Yoga Kula Project. We promise to stretch out your quads & glutes during class. After class use the facilities; shower, swim or use the weight room. Then finish your ride.

No More Excuses!