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New Class: Yoga+HP Sculpt

New Class:
Yoga+HP Sculpt is a energetic class that incorporates yoga, hand weights and high-intensity cardio bursts for a maximum calorie burning effect. In a moderately heated room, 92 degrees and 20% humidity, you’ll move through yoga poses with hand weights adding a new challenge to your yoga practice. Yoga HP Sculpt also incorporates cardio exercises to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing and there’s always a challenging core workout mixed in! Every Wednesday 9:15-10:15 am.


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New Year’s Resolution

What is your resolution this year?happy-new-year-pics-sand1

  • Yoga Every Day
  • Hot Pilates 3 Times Per Week
  • Daily Meditation




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Beginning Tuesday July 7: Biker/Hiker Yoga

Yoga practice can be a key component in any endurance training regimen. Yoga for hikers translates into more miles and less fatigue. This yoga class will help release tension in the muscles that get stressed from hiking. It includes both stretching and strengthening poses for hips, legs and back.


Tuesday & Thursday 9:00-10:15 am

Saturday 4:30-5:30 pm

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Increase Your Biking Performance This Summer

Do you want to increase your biking performance this summer?


Yoga is proven to enhance performance. Yoga practice improves strength, balance, endurance and repairs worn muscles.

Take a class at Yoga Kula Project @ Canyons Resort before you hit the hills, or after your big ride.

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Yoga & Biking at Canyons Resort

Do you love to bike, but your hips get tight and your shoulders ache? Well . . . take a yoga class either before or after.


It won’t take long to stretch your tired muscles and prepare you for your next adventure!

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Being Happy

It’s not in your job description to make other people happy but you can show them the way. You can light their path by following your passion, by living with integrity, empathy and kindness and by being present and helpful to those around you. But you can’t make them happy. This is a simple and revolutionary idea that once grasped is difficult to ignore.cropped-cropped-lotus-flower-banner4

Delicious and Healthy

Are you tired of feeling sluggish physically & foggy mentally?Juice pic

Then start adding fresh vegetable juice to your diet. It tastes so very
good and you can even loose some weight.

It is the magic pill . . . the elixir of the Gods!

More Events Are Being Scheduled

More Events Are Being Scheduled:

Kirtan w/ Lerraine

Partner Yoga w/ GuRu Yoga

My Liquid Garden Cleanse

Stay Tuned . . .

A Fun Afternoon With “One Fitness Camp”

I had a blast with my friends from One Fitness Camp. If you are looking to loose weight, or just firm up, you must check out our fitness camp at the Westgate. I cannot wait to spend another great day with them.

For more information, go to: onefitnesscamp.com

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