Give The Gift of Thai Massage

Need a gift for the Holiday?

Thai matYou can’t go wrong giving the gift of a Thai Massage.

Thai Yoga Therapy or Thai Massage, is the perfect way to release muscle tension after a day of vigorous activity.

It is, also, beneficial if you have chronic stiffness, difficulty sleeping or experience high stress levels.


Your Body Is Not Very Flexible? Schedule A Thai Yoga Therapy Session.

Is your body not very flexible? Thai_Massage

Have you tried yoga, but don’t feel like you can keep up or stretch very well. Maybe you even felt better after class; even so, you’re not sure you want to try it again.

It’s time to schedule a Thai Yoga private session with Trudee @ Yoga Kula Project. Together, we can open your hips, stretch your tight muscles, massage the knots in your neck & shoulders and get your body moving & bending.

Thai Yoga Therapy is a combination of acupressure, reflexology, asanas, stretching, palming, thumbing and twisting. Not only does it work with the physical body but, also, with the energetic body. Energy points are pressed, clearing the body’s energy lines bringing balance to the body; thus, deepening the connection between mind, body and spirit.

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Benefits of Thai Yoga Therapy

Benefits of Thai Yoga Therapythaimassage

  • Relaxes Muscles; decreasing pain and improve body function
  • Improves Circulation
  • Increases energy level and elevates level of alertness
  • Improves sleep, specifically deep sleep
  • Improves range of motion
  • Centers the mind and body
  • Lessens digestive disorders
  • Increases serotonin, enhancing mood
  • Release of mental and emotional stress

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Thai Yoga Therapy

Thai yoga therapy is a unique system that combines the ancient healing art of pressure with the deep meditative stretches found in yoga practice. The therapy is designed to release tension while stimulating vitality in the receiver. With the hands-on experience of rhythmic pressure and various yoga twists and poses, the goal is to achieve a state of wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

Thai yoga therapy, also known as nuad boran or nuat Thai, is thousands of years old. Though the exact origins are not really known, practitioners trace their roots to Buddha’s personal physician who was a renowned healer. In the ancient tradition of Thai medicine, the primary goal was maintaining health and well-being using a natural, holistic approach.

Thai medicine is based on energy flow that exists through the body along 10 major channels. Illness is believed to be a result of a blockage of these channels. Thai yoga therapy training teaches the theory of the lines and how to clear these energy channels, or meridians. Other theories explored when learning this form of therapy are the principles of energetic healing as well as the practice of meditation.

Thai Yoga Therapy is offered @ Yoga Kula Project. Call Trudee for details: 435 659 6950.

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