Give The Gift of Thai Massage

Need a gift for the Holiday?

Thai matYou can’t go wrong giving the gift of a Thai Massage.

Thai Yoga Therapy or Thai Massage, is the perfect way to release muscle tension after a day of vigorous activity.

It is, also, beneficial if you have chronic stiffness, difficulty sleeping or experience high stress levels.


Yoga & Meditation Challenge

30 Day October 2016 Yoga & Meditation Challenge Yoga Kula Project, LLC

During the Challenge, our goal is to help each individual find a rhythm of daily yoga and meditation; however, each participant will set personal goals. For example, if you have an extremely busy schedule, your goal may be three sun salutations and 5 minutes of meditation daily. Whereas, another person’s goal may be one hour of yoga and one hour of mediation daily. All classes (Hot Pilates too!) in the studio are free during the month of October.30dayChallCompassion

During the month, we will be exploring recent cutting-edge neuroscience of the brain and the positive effects that researchers are finding with those who have a daily yoga and meditation practice. Moreover, several styles of meditation will be introduced, so you can choose the type, or types, that work best for your needs. If you are unable to attend all six special sessions, do not worry; just do your best.

Additionally, you will have month long support with dietary issues. Also, ongoing information will be available to support you emotionally and assist you with yoga and meditation.

All materials will be provided. All you have to do is sign up, create your goals and show up.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Trudee @ or 435 659 6950. Deadline to sign up: Sunday 9/25/16. You can sign up with Trudee in the studio or call to reserve your spot.


Become Inspired

yogaDrawing Become Inspired, Take a Yoga Private.

Sometimes we just need a little more attention and care. A Private Yoga session offers you a chance to ask questions or deal with specific needs and injuries. Private Yoga lessons are a powerful tool that can enable you to go deeper into your practice, receive personal insights and relieve stress from a long day.

Private yoga sessions can be mixed with Thai Yoga, Reiki and Ayurveda healing modalities. Call Trudee to book your unique private session. 435 659 6950.

New Class Coming Saturday, February 7 – Master Core 40

An extension of the 26 poses in the Bikram series, the Warm Master Core class includes approximately 40 poses. It is practiced in a warm room with a focus on safe alignment promoting healing and sustainability for a lifetime practice of overall health, balance, strength and flexibility of body and mind. Accessible to the beginner or injured, it can be taught with healing and variations in mind, as well as challenging and fun for the experienced practitioner; this 90 minute class is open to all levels. The Master Core series was created by Tony Sanchez with 40 years of experience teaching and practicing the Bishnu Ghosh tradition, from which Bikram’s 26 poses originated. Every Saturday 4:30-6:00 pm.

~Taught by Annmarie Rung~

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