Mindfulness Meditation for the Busy Mind


Mondays in June @ 5:45-6:40 pm.


Stress kills

Meditation reduces stress

Meditate & live a longer, happier life.



Whitney has been teaching meditation for 17 years and practicing meditation under the Vipassana Theravada lineage for 19 years. Her Whitney-head shot pinkmeditation path deepened while pursuing her PhD in Clinical Psychology. During this training she decided, amidst the piles of research, that Mindfulness Meditation was the modality she wanted to research over any other form of psychotherapy. After leaving her PhD program, she focused primarily on Mindfulness, Dharma and Meditation leading her to undertake a series of long retreats. Eventually, she completed an intensive two-year dharma training at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and a teacher training at the Mindfulness Institute.

New Class: Yoga+HP Sculpt

New Class:
Yoga+HP Sculpt is a energetic class that incorporates yoga, hand weights and high-intensity cardio bursts for a maximum calorie burning effect. In a moderately heated room, 92 degrees and 20% humidity, you’ll move through yoga poses with hand weights adding a new challenge to your yoga practice. Yoga HP Sculpt also incorporates cardio exercises to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing and there’s always a challenging core workout mixed in! Every Wednesday 9:15-10:15 am.


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Yoga & a Concert

Yoga and a Concert

Saturday August 2, 2014.

All Levels Yoga 4:30-5:30, Followed by a Free Outdoor Concert


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Yoga and a Concert

This Saturday, July 19 2014, join us for another All Levels Donation Yoga Class and A FREE concert afterwards.

Come up before class and put down your blanket in front of the stage, take a yoga class and then enjoy the rest of the evening listening to the music of Trigger Hippy.

All Levels Donation Yoga Class is from 4:30-5:30 pm.

Free Canyons concert starts at 6:00 pm.

Canyons Free Concert Link

Free Summer Concerts @ the Canyons Resort

Whenever there is a Free Saturday concert, we will have a donation based All Levels Yoga Class before. Next concert is on July 19th, see ya then.

Saturday July 5th, 2014, the Canyons FREE concert series begins . . .July3Canyons

Yoga Kula Project has a DONATION based All Levels Yoga class from 4:30-5:30 . . . Bring the family! The free concerts start @ 6:00; just enough time to take class and return to your comfy blanket. So . . . how does this sound?

Come up early and put your blanket down on the grass, then bring your cooler into the studio. Take the yoga class and spend the rest of evening listening to amazing music with friends. Sounds like a fun evening to me. For more information go to: http://www.canyonsresort.com/events.html