~Special Class and a Glass~ Sunday, January 28, 4:30-6:30

This is the first special event with real effective new stuff that works (including refreshments and comradery) of a series I’m calling:

Crazy ‘Stuff’ Trudee Does


Come and share the experience of crazy stuff that Trudee does, Part 1

This is a special intimate and limited class; a total of 10 spots. Only 3 spots are left!

Intention: Show you how to feel amazing 15 minutes after you wake up every day while you’re still in bed (no, it’s not that ;-). You will feel amazing, guaranteed!

What you get:

  • This New Technique: you will learn and experience (feeling is knowing) a simple style of pranayama breathing practice that you can do at home in 15 minutes that has been clinically shown to:
    • Boost your immune system – you may never get sick again 😉
    • Boost your hormone system – increase your physical performance (Yes!)
    • Boost feel goods (serotonin and dopamine) – increase your mental and emotional performance (yummy)
    • Reduced pain and inflammation (I’m not getting any younger…)
    • Reduced stress, anxiety… (thank goodness)
    • And more….
  • Prep Yoga Practice
  • Home Instructions
  • Home Tracking Chart
  • Special Guest Demonstration
  • Guided Recording you can use anywhere anytime
  • Optional swimming, jacuzzi, sauna…. AND….
  • Wine, tea, and/or and snacks in your tummy

Pre-payment is required to hold your spot. To reserve, contact me @ 435 659 6950. Cost is $29. Sunday, January 28 @ 4:30-6:30.


VipassanaWheelIt has been a little over one week since returning from my 10 day Vipassana and I am beginning to digest more of my experience each day. Vipassana is a style of meditation wherein you practice silence, do not eat after noon and spend most of the day meditating. The foundation of the teaching is to practice Sila; moral conduct, Samadhi; concentration of the mind and Pana; wisdom of insight.

There is a code of discipline that you vow to adhere to during the course. The code includes: abstaining from killing any being, stealing, sexual activity, telling lies and abstinence from all intoxicants.

I am forever grateful to my family, friends and teachers for their support and love while I was on this inner journey. Without their help, I could not have had this inspiring experience.

Thank You!