Pro Volleyball Player, Futi Tavana, Practices Yoga

Pro athletes are finding their way to the mat more often now than in the past. It is common to hear them talk about the huge benefits that yoga brings to their everyday life, as well as their professional sports life. Pro volleyball player, Futi Tavana’s goal this summer is to consistently practice more yoga. Go Futi!Futi Tavana

Let that be our goal too. Whether you bike, run, hike, golf, etc., by adding a consistent yoga practice to your life, you will see tremendous changes making you better at your sport and with life in general.

See this You Tube video with Futi Tavana: Futi on yoga

Bikram Fusion Every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday @ Yoga Kula Project. Park City, Utah


Bikram Fusion: 

If you love how the Bikram practice makes you feel afterward, but need a few more hip openers, upper body & core, then you’ll love this class.

Designed to strengthen the body and mind, while opening the chakras and feeding the spirit.

The room is heated 90-100 degrees and is an intelligent mixture of Bikram Style & Vinyasa Flow.

Every Sunday @ 4:30 pm, Wednesday @ 9 am and Friday @ 9 am