Joie’s Aromatic Chakra Balancing Class

Joie's Chakra Class

Every Thursday With Joie Astudillo

Are you recovering from an injury?

Take Joie’s Thursday Night Class ~Bikram 75~

Not only will she provide excellent instruction on any injury you are recovering from,

she will help you minimize any future injuries.

JoieBoatPlease have approval from your PT or Physician before starting yoga.

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Full-Scope Yoga Every Friday 6-7:30 pm

Poses~ Breathing~Meditation

Full Scope Yoga: A 90-minute class integrating a wide range of Yoga practices. This class is an immersion in meditation, drawing from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP). FullScope

We offer yogis a foundation to enjoy the broad and profound benefits of daily practice. The intention of this course is to aid practitioners in establishing a personalized set of Full-Scope Yoga practices that will ultimately lead to greater clarity, joy, and bliss—expanding and enriching life—both on and off the mat.

The Full-Scope sequence begins with Asanas (postures), and gradually transitions into subtle levels of Being with Pranayama (regulation of breath, expansion of energy), Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation), and Samadhi (deep absorption). Samyama (a combination of Dharana, Dhyana, & Samadhi) is introduced gradually. Yamas and Niyamas (restraints and observances) are addressed in open discussion following the class.This class is held in room temperature.
By Donation (Suggested Donation = $20).

Yoga By Donation @ Yoga Kula Project


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Utah Food Bank Delivery

Over a week ago we had our annual “Pray For Snow” donation yoga class. Then 2 days later it started to dump snow! Maybe we should do that once a month!

Today I delivered all of the cash and food donations to the Utah Food Bank. Blessings to everyone who gave.


Love, serve, feed and remember God ~Maharaj-ji~

2nd Annual ‘Pray For Snow’ Event

 The ‘Pray For Snow’ class is 1 hour, all ability levels and not heated.

Space is Limited. Sign up @ Pray For Snow

Pray for Snow Event

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2 for the price of 1

Come to our open house tonight, Friday October 24, from 5-8 pm and receive a “2 for the price of 1″ coupon for yoga.


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Saturday, August 9: The White Buffalo w/ Triggers and Slips

Free concert @ the Canyons. Put your blanket down @ 4:00 and come to our yoga class. Everyone is invited.whitebuffalo_OUATITW_home

Donation, all levels, yoga class 4:30-5:30.
~Taught By Dawn~
Concert starts @ 6:00 pm.

Joie’s Yoga Aromatic Class

It’s mid Summer and there are loads of activities going on: kids out of school, work, travel, etc.?!. It’s time to re~balance and re~create a sense of peace and happiness from the inside out!

Join us for this hour and 15 minute workshop of pure bliss.

Joies aromayoga

We will  focus on the seven main chakras than run through the spine. Each chakra will be balanced by using yoga poses and essential oils in conjunction with each other; thus, moving energy and balancing the chakras.
After the workshop we will partake of organic fresh juices, made to taste, from My Liquid Garden.
Donation Base ~ All Level Class.

Kundalini Yoga Tonight, Wednesday – 2/19/14

Feel like stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new?

Try Kenny’s Kundalini class.

Every Wednesday 5:30-6:30.

Suggested Donation is $10-$20