Yoga & Meditation Challenge

30 Day October 2016 Yoga & Meditation Challenge Yoga Kula Project, LLC

During the Challenge, our goal is to help each individual find a rhythm of daily yoga and meditation; however, each participant will set personal goals. For example, if you have an extremely busy schedule, your goal may be three sun salutations and 5 minutes of meditation daily. Whereas, another person’s goal may be one hour of yoga and one hour of mediation daily. All classes (Hot Pilates too!) in the studio are free during the month of October.30dayChallCompassion

During the month, we will be exploring recent cutting-edge neuroscience of the brain and the positive effects that researchers are finding with those who have a daily yoga and meditation practice. Moreover, several styles of meditation will be introduced, so you can choose the type, or types, that work best for your needs. If you are unable to attend all six special sessions, do not worry; just do your best.

Additionally, you will have month long support with dietary issues. Also, ongoing information will be available to support you emotionally and assist you with yoga and meditation.

All materials will be provided. All you have to do is sign up, create your goals and show up.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Trudee @ or 435 659 6950. Deadline to sign up: Sunday 9/25/16. You can sign up with Trudee in the studio or call to reserve your spot.


Being Happy

It’s not in your job description to make other people happy but you can show them the way. You can light their path by following your passion, by living with integrity, empathy and kindness and by being present and helpful to those around you. But you can’t make them happy. This is a simple and revolutionary idea that once grasped is difficult to ignore.cropped-cropped-lotus-flower-banner4

Giving Gratitude For Our Serenity Spa

Let’s give gratitude to the

Serenity Spa

for all they give to our yoga community.

The more appointments they have,

the more days they can stay open and the hours of operation can be longer each day!


Park City locals receive a 20% discount on regular priced treatments this summer, 2014.

Also, check out these specials:

Sweet Tea Surrender Body Treatment: $100
Springtime Brightening Facial: $105
Garden Fresh Manicure/Pedicure: 45 Min -$45 or 50 min-$60

Do You Have A Fear of Meditation?

Recently, at the end of a yoga class, I asked the students if they would be interested in a 10 to 15 minute guided meditation accompanying a future class. I was struck by the terror in Meditation3the eyes of many of the students and by the comments that followed: I can’t stay still that long, that’s not for me, I can’t meditate, etc.

If you are afraid of meditating you might want to contemplate the question of why. Why are you willing to put off something so beneficial to your peace of mind and general well-being.

Are you afraid of what you might feel if you are not busy distracting yourself? If you stop your frantic pace and find stillness, would you have to face the truth of who you really are and recognize that the choices you have made have brought you to your own suffering? Maybe you recognize that you might have to make huge changes in order to align yourself with the universe and harness your true potential. If this resonates, then my guess is that you are a normal human being living in the Western world.

Sometimes the frustrations of the known world seem less scary than the possibilities of the unknown. But the truth is that when we align with the truth of who we really are, with all of our strengths and weaknesses, life becomes less of a struggle and more of a process of living blissfully with purpose. Moreover, numerous studies show that meditation helps conditions such as, depression, anxiety, heart ailments, etc.

If you would like more information on meditation there are several websites to look at. I thought this TED X was interesting: