Please Arrive 10 Before Class. No Late Entry!

Check “Rates” for class pricing and specials.

Pregnant women or any person under 14 Years old are NOT allowed in hot classes.


    1. We are starting hot yoga on Monday August 1st @ 9AM at the Westgate! Let me know if you need a key to the parking garage. The schedule and prices are located on the website Show up Saturday August 2nd at 1:00 for a free class! Call Trudee @ 435 659 6950 for details.

  1. Hey Trudee, I am going to come to your 9am class tomorrow morning & wanted to see where I park and if I need a key to get in the garage.. I’m excited to see your studio!!

  2. it is great to have the greatest teacher JANET I feel so blessed to have you in my back yard . . . YAHOO . . . I will see you all Thursday . . . can hardly wait .
    xoxo felece

  3. On the Westgate website, it says you offer all level yoga classes… but I’m only seeing Hot Pilates & Bikram. Do you have any non heated classes?

    1. Right now we are on our off-season schedule. We have a beginning class on Wednesdays @ 9:00-10:15 am that is not hot. We will, also, be adding beginning yoga on the patio in June. Thanks for contacting us.

  4. Visiting for a few weeks during the film festival and was wanting to know if there is a class package pass? If so how much? I will not be staying at the resort if that makes a difference or not.


  5. Hi – We are going to be using the spa on Friday, 2/15/19 & would like to attend a class if possible. Do you have any fitness or yoga (not hot) classes available that day?

    Thanks in advance!

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