Pre-Registration is not required.

Please arrive 10 minutes before Class. No Late Entry!

Pregnant women or any person under age 14 are NOT allowed in hot classes

sept 23-30



    1. We are starting hot yoga on Monday August 1st @ 9AM at the Westgate! Let me know if you need a key to the parking garage. The schedule and prices are located on the website Show up Saturday August 2nd at 1:00 for a free class! Call Trudee @ 435 659 6950 for details.

  1. Hey Trudee, I am going to come to your 9am class tomorrow morning & wanted to see where I park and if I need a key to get in the garage.. I’m excited to see your studio!!

  2. it is great to have the greatest teacher JANET I feel so blessed to have you in my back yard . . . YAHOO . . . I will see you all Thursday . . . can hardly wait .
    xoxo felece

  3. On the Westgate website, it says you offer all level yoga classes… but I’m only seeing Hot Pilates & Bikram. Do you have any non heated classes?

    1. Right now we are on our off-season schedule. We have a beginning class on Wednesdays @ 9:00-10:15 am that is not hot. We will, also, be adding beginning yoga on the patio in June. Thanks for contacting us.

  4. Visiting for a few weeks during the film festival and was wanting to know if there is a class package pass? If so how much? I will not be staying at the resort if that makes a difference or not.


  5. Hi – We are going to be using the spa on Friday, 2/15/19 & would like to attend a class if possible. Do you have any fitness or yoga (not hot) classes available that day?

    Thanks in advance!

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