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CorePower Yoga @ The Westgate?

Hi Fellow Yogis,
I have a few people interested in practicing CorePower Yoga. The class is taught in a room heated from 90 to 100 degrees for 60, 75 or 90 minutes.  All levels, including beginners, are welcome and will find this class accessible.  It combines static postures and flowing sequences. Luckily, we have an instructor trained in this method.

If you are interested please let me know by responding to this post.  Also, If you know of anyone who might be interest please forward this to them.
*If enough people are interested I will put this class on the schedule.

Trudee S


One of the most difficult things for we humans to do, is to forgive.  Yet, I believe, it is one of the things we are to accomplish on this Earth.  To forgive someone does not mean that you condone their behavior and allow them to continue to hurt you.  It simply means that you forgive them and release them. By releasing and forgiving them, you release yourself.  The past can never be changed. Life is full of tragedy and joy.  In the end, it is not the events of life, so much as how we respond to them, that defines how joyous and successful our lives are.

20 Million Strong and Growing

The yoga kula (community) in America is 20 million strong and growing.  We are a group that strives to look for the good in everyone and do no harm.   With this mantra, think of the powerful shift in energy that we can make.  So, lets get out there and build the kind of energy where, whatever happens, we can be a steady light for those around us.