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All Fired Up

Before teaching yesterday, I chose a card titled “Fairies.”  It warned me that, soon, I am going to find myself in a situation that will get me “fired up.”  My first few thoughts were, NO . . . PLEASE!  Really?  I have to go through more crap?  Can I have a break?  Maybe I’ll hurry and choose a different card.  All of these thoughts and more came to mind in just a split second.  There was no time left and I was already starting class a few minutes late.  Agh!  A few poses into class, It was clear that the energy in the room was strong, comforting and positive.  My thinking started to shift, so I looked at the fairy card again.  It counseled me to remember that every experience is a part of learning and I need to strive to not slip back into old patterns.   Also, the Fairies are looking after me and when I find myself in the next uncomfortable situation, I will need to attempt to stay heart centered and present in the moment.  In doing so, the upcoming situation will resolve itself easily.  Ok . . . I surrender, I thought, bring it on and let’s see how I do.

Pick Yourself Up and Push Forward

What is difficult to recognize is that the process of going from uninformed to educated and discerning to wise is truly a lengthy, labor-intensive, sometimes agonizing and humiliating process.  Those who arrive at greatness have suffered adversity, failure and numerous disappointments.  Do your best to pick yourself up and push forward.

I Can Make A difference Today.

Affirmations are very powerful and must involve you only. Structure it in positive language.  Try not to wish change for any specific person. Or, wish for a specific person to change their mind, their condition or their life path to suit your desires.  The practice must respect the free will of all beings. For example, “I can make a difference today.”

The Best Way To Heal Back Pain

A combination of exercise that involves yoga, swimming and weight training will give you the best results. Learn to target muscles that are tight and painful with careful stretches. All exercises should be done lightly. Correcting posture and movement when sitting, in everyday life and when you perform back exercises will help strengthen your back. Use a hot tub regularly and get the affected area massaged.

GREAT NEWS! The Westgate has everything you need to help you sore back.  Take a yoga class and you can use the weight room, cardio room, swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzi and showers.  It’s the best deal in town.