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The Best Way To Heal Back Pain

A combination of exercise that involves yoga, swimming and weight training will give you the best results. Learn to target muscles that are tight and painful with careful stretches. All exercises should be done lightly. Correcting posture and movement when sitting, in everyday life and when you perform back exercises will help strengthen your back. Use a hot tub regularly and get the affected area massaged.

GREAT NEWS! The Westgate has everything you need to help you sore back.  Take a yoga class and you can use the weight room, cardio room, swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzi and showers.  It’s the best deal in town.

Affirmation: Feeling Joy For Others

Patanjali encourages us to be delighted in others good fortunes or virtues as a way to develop and maintain calmness of mind.  The practice of cultivating joy is called “Mudita Bhavana.”  These simple affirmations can be repeated to yourself, so that you can first feel joy for yourself, and then feel joy for another person.                              

May I learn to appreciate the happiness and joy I experience.
May the joy I experience continue and grow.
May I be filled with joy and gratitude.

Yoga Helps Weight Loss

In a study, researchers surveyed more than 300 adults on their exercise and eating habits. Detailed questionnaires revealed that people who regularly practiced yoga had a different eating style than people who did other types of exercise. Yoga practitioners were more tuned in to their appetites and were better able to judge when they were full and actually lay down the fork at the appropriate time. Could this be why the yoga devotees had lower body mass indexes on average, too? Yoga requires calm and focus. The poses, also, require people to pay close attention to their bodies. And, researchers suspect the increased mind-body awareness developed from the practice is what gives people an edge against many of life’s challenges. So, practice, practice, practice!


If you’re unlucky enough to have painful fibromyalgia, a once-a-week yoga class can help you. Researchers have watched its gentle stretching and meditation help relieve fibro’s pain, fatigue, and depression and improve memory, anxiety, balance, and stiffness.       Come to my class on Saturday’s @11AM to noon.  Or, we can schedule a private session and see if you can find some relief from this terrible disorder.