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In the traditional yoga world, it is important to say affirmations daily. The objective being that the subconscious mind absorbs these new positive affirmations and over time you and your subconscious mind begin to believe them.  An affirmation that encourages happiness goes like this:  My happiness comes from within, and I will smile even in the face of adversity. I will laugh often, but not at anyone’s expense. People cannot take my happiness away, unless I give them permission.  Make up your own affirmation, or use one already written.  You will notice a difference as you progress through the day!

More About Me . . .

Trudee Sanbonmatsu has been a student of yoga since 1991 and is a certified Yoga Instructor through Yoga Union.  She has taken several workshops from John Friend, Baron Baptiste and Bryan Kest.  Recently, she finished the Level I & Level II Anusara Immersion taught by Christina Sell and Noah Maze.   Trudee has always been interested in exploring movement and has a strong belief in therapy through movement. She believes that yoga is a spiritual path as much as an alternative form of exercise. Her yoga classes integrate mindful asana with proper alignment, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.  She loves teaching in a heated room and, also, teaches styles of yoga such as Baptiste Power and Bikram.Additionally, she offers private and therapeutic yoga for individuals with specific needs.  And, she is trained in the art of Thai Yoga Massage. Trudee graduated from the University of Utah where she holds bachelors degrees in Communication and Gender Studies.