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Yoga & Essential Oil Class in June

Current scientific research of essential oils confirms what many cultures of the world have known for centuries: complex aromatic compounds of pure essential oils can be ChakraEssenJoieClassused effectively to help you deal with stress, difficult emotions and treat ailments.

Join us in June for Joie’s essential oil & yoga class every Monday @ 5:30-6:30 pm. Learn how essential oils pared with yoga poses can support your mind and body, creating a healthier happier life.

New Moon Retreat @ Mystic Hot Springs

Join us on our New Moon Retreat at Mystic Hot Springs, June 23, 24 & 25.

This all-inclusive retreat is located less than 3 hours from Park City. In the evening, it will be a pubGroup2smallnew moon and very dark, as there are no city lights for many miles. It’s my favorite time to soak in the tubs and experience the true brilliance of the Milky Way.

Are you interested in yoga, meditation and eating fresh vegetarian meals, but cannot seem to start or stay dedicated? Or, you might be a kick ass yogi who does everything perfectly (not me). Either way, this retreat is for you.

Topics include: Dan Harris-Meditation for fidgety sceptics, Byron Katie-The Work, Samadhi-the movie and stories from Trudee (I might even read a bedtime story!).

NewMoonPricingFree yourself and join us for a weekend of self-inquiry mixed with fun and laughter!


To register call Trudee @ 435 659 6950. Or email:

Deadline to register is June 1.


Ladies Spring Retreat: April 13-16

Join us for an all inclusive Women’s Retreat at Mystic Hot Springs. Spend a blissful weekend connecting with the mystery of Mother Earth. Nourish yourself with yoga, meditation and fresh vegetarian food. Topics include the work of Byron Katie, Mindfulness and Sri Ramana Maharshi.
Retreat includes:
~ 3 Nights Lodging
~ 3 Days
~ Various Meditation Techniques
~ Yoga
~ Freshly Made Vegetarian Meals
~ Relaxing in Mystic’s Hot Tubs
To sign up contact Trudee @ or 435 659 6950.



Trudee, I have been thinking about you ever since our awesome weekend together. You have made a tremendous impact on my life. Thank you for that. ~Brenda

This Retreat was amazing! I have been working through family issues for a while now, and in just 3 days and nights, I have  a better understanding of how to deal with these issues. Thank you so much. ~C O

Dear Trudee, The vegetarian meals were delicious. I was taught that you had to have meat in each meal to make it complete. Your meals were so filling, delicious and were packed with protein and essential nutrients and I felt so good after each meal. I look forward to eating healthier in the future all because of this amazing retreat! This was money well spent. Can’t wait for the next retreat. ~Carolyn

Sunday Reset

Sunday Reset yoga & meditation class coming January 2017


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