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March 2017

Last week I was in a morning Bikram yoga class at the Canyons.  We have been staying at the Canyons every year for the past 16 years, first as 2 young people dating, then as a newly married couple, and now as parents to 2 girls, ages 2 and 6.  I always enjoy that one day break from skiing when I start with a yoga class.  I wish I could fit in a bit more when I’m there.  It’s always amazing.  I learn and hear new things, and ways of approaching my yoga.  Perhaps better planning next year.

The teacher that day, I think it may have been Trudee, gave me some wonderful advice about using tennis balls to break down knots in my lower back.  I wanted to thank you and say I have been following orders and have some relief already.  I will continue to use the tennis ball method and hope to be camelling and rabitting a lot better next year.

Namaste! Karen



There are people who come into your life and leave an impression that is impossible to erase. Their wisdom, compassion and insight touch your soul so deeply that they become part of you. They are not necessarily famous or known by anyone other than you. It’s just that what they give to your heart; you then in turn give to others. Who has left this positive impression on you???

Trudee…she has.

Come and experience it for yourself.


I was on your website and I agree with everything Barney said and more….. I realized after my 1st class how excited I was to have you put into my life. You are amazing I am excited to start my journey into the world of “Bikram” with you.  I love when the universe puts a neon light that is so bright you can’t ignore it and have nothing but gratitude because of it. You sister were put in my life for a reason now I get to spend endless hours sweating my ass off to find out.  How much fun is that? As selfish as I am I will be bringing a friend with me on Saturday who I know will love you and your studio just as much as I do! See ya tomorrow night at 530! I hope you have a great day.

Denise Twombly   October 10, 2011

Rob Scholdan

Hi Trudee,

I would like to share with everyone what a great experience Yoga Kula Project is and what a fabulous teacher Trudee is. She is very knowledgeable and encouraging, allowing all ability levels to reach their full potential, while conducting a fun and engaging class. I encourage all yoga ability levels to try a class with Trudee, as you will come back again and again. And the spa afterwards is a nice treat too!



Yoga Kula Project is a great place to do and enhance ones yoga practice. Trudee is a skilled instructor, adaptable to those practicing that time.  She remembers you if it’s been awhile since you last were there and make everyone feel welcome regardless of skill level. Trudee is excellent at helping injury recovery and from burnout. 8 months ago I found Yoga Kula Project. Now, I find it very hard to go elsewhere to practice.  Trudee is skilled at bringing other great instructors in to the studio, which entices one to keep coming again and again.  For example, today Tuesday 4/1/14 the first Tuesday of the month Chris, a master at leading a good practice, will do the 5:30 pm class.  Also, Joie, Janet, Anna, Heather and other guest instructors make for a well balanced studio. Yoga Kula Project the best.  Practice at Yoga kula Project 3 times in a week and you will feel better physically mentally and spiritually.

Lee Kralovec


  1. I had the privilege of experiencing Thai massage with Trudee on my last day in Park City and benefitted from her knowledgeable and compassionate care. I felt wonderful afterward! Her classes in yoga and Pilates were the highlight of my time at the Canyons. .I am looking forward to our return trip.

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