Starting this Saturday, February 7, 4:30-6 pm @ Yoga Kula Project, we are very pleased to present:

AnnMarieAnnMarie Rung, a Senior Ghosh Tradition yoga teacher with over 16 years of experience teaching, studying and practicing exclusively in this tradition. She trained with and was certified by Bikram Choudhury in 1998 and with Tony Sanchez in 2014. She is also certified in meditation, yoga nidra and yoga breathing techniques. AnnMarie is passionate about sharing her accumulated knowledge of the science of yoga with others interested in embracing a sustainable, lifetime yoga practice. She is confident in the body and mind’s ability to heal and maintain itself through a balanced, safe and alignment driven yoga practice. Her extensive teaching background has taught her how to be a comfort to the beginner, a guide to the injured and a challenge to the seasoned practitioner.


Master Core 40: An extension of the 26 poses in the Bikram series, the Master Core 40 class includes approximately 40 poses. Rather than extremely hot, Master Core 40 is practiced in a warm room.  The focus is on safe alignment, healing and sustainability for a lifetime practice; increasing overall health and vitality. Dedication to this class will increase your athletic performance, strength and flexibility of your body and mind. Although an extension of Bikram, Master Core 40 is also accessible to the beginner or injured and adds depth for the experienced practitioner; thus, this 90 minute class is open to all levels.

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