Thai yoga therapy is a unique system that combines the ancient healing art of pressure with the deep meditative stretches found in yoga practice. The therapy is designed to release tension while stimulating vitality in the receiver. With the hands-on experience of rhythmic pressure and various yoga twists and poses, the goal is to achieve a state of wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

Thai yoga therapy, also known as nuad boran or nuat Thai, is thousands of years old. Though the exact origins are not really known, practitioners trace their roots to Buddha’s personal physician who was a renowned healer. In the ancient tradition of Thai medicine, the primary goal was maintaining health and well-being using a natural, holistic approach.

Thai medicine is based on energy flow that exists through the body along 10 major channels. Illness is believed to be a result of a blockage of these channels. Thai yoga therapy training teaches the theory of the lines and how to clear these energy channels, or meridians. Other theories explored when learning this form of therapy are the principles of energetic healing as well as the practice of meditation.

Thai Yoga Therapy is offered @ Yoga Kula Project. Call Trudee for details: 435 659 6950.

Kidney Stretch Thai Yoga Therapy

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