Join Theresa Every Monday at 7:00 – 9:00 PM.
37 E. 100 North, Suite 206 @ The Old Fire Station.
crystalBowlsEnter around back through the Red Door.

The Crystal Bowl Experience is unique and fun and will stay with you for days! This mesmerizing sound of the seven crystal bowls bring you effortlessly into a deep state of relaxation while they balance your chakras  with their perfectly attuned tones. Vibrating your energy body into alignment, your mind, emotions and physical body will follow into a wonderful, peaceful, balanced state.

Call Theresa Morin at 435.654.4654 for more information & pricing.

Join Theresa on Monday Nights, to explore the power of vibration and sound on your energy body. The quartz singing bowls create a very pure sound wave that carries through physical objects such as our own bodies to create a vibration or resonance. This vibration of the bowls begins its effects at the spine and moves on to touch the organs systems, tissue and cells to re-balance and connect us to greater health. The vibration also effects our chakra balance, cleanses the auric field and creates and alignment with our Higher Self.
You will learn:
What is Sound? What is Music?
What are Crystal Bowls and how do they work?
Demonstration of chakra imbalance and rebalance using Crystal Bowls and Essential Oils.

About Theresa – Theresa Morin is a Certified Theta Healing Instructor and explorer of all forms of energy healing. For the past ten years, she has developed a unique approach to emotional healing that can help guide and illuminate your healing journey. Offering private healing sessions with the crystal bowls and Theta Healing, call Now for your appointment.

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