Yoga Kula Project

10 11 Reasons I do not practice yoga @ the Westgate Resort & Spa:

  1. All of the employees are smiling and helpful. There must be something wrong with them!
  2. The parking garage is so very convenient. Moreover, the Valet is free and the attendants are too helpful. They definitely are after something!
  3. The spa is too beautiful, the atmosphere is too peaceful and the attendants are so welcoming. It’s a trick.
  4. The lockers in the spa are free and are equipped with bath robes, making my experience too luxurious. Something is up.
  5. Showers are available and free. I would rather be stinky after hot yoga.
  6. Yoga is only $15 drop in and I can use all of the facilities for the rest of the day. What resort does that? Right, they will probably track me down and kick me out.
  7. After yoga there are too many choices for what to do next: swim, weight room, spa, sauna, etc. They must do this just to confuse me.
  8. Child care is available. No, I don’t believe it!
  9. Several styles of yoga are available, making it too difficult to choose.
  10. The yoga instructors are highly trained , compassionate and professional. I would rather hurt myself with untrained instructors.
  11. Prices are less expensive than any other studio in the area, but I would rather pay more and receive less.

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