Manipura is the name of the 3rd chakra.  The floor series of poses in the Bikram practice encourages an opening of the 3rd chakra (as well as other chakras).  Poses such as locust, floor bow and camel, begin to stimulate the solar plexus, which is your navel area that is related to your abdominal organs. This chakra is known as the power chakra.  It encompasses karma, bad company, selfless service and sorrow. It governs power, accomplishments, will, vital energies, control and the freedom to express yourself.  As the name suggests, this chakra means the sun, and reflects pure radiance when it is balanced.  As well as being a warm natured person with a healthy intuition and the ability to express yourself well.

When your solar plexus chakra is balanced, you feel in control of yourself and confident in the decisions and challenges that you face on a daily basis.  Your mind becomes balanced and you treat everyone as an equal.

If this chakra becomes too domineering, you can become a workaholic.  You begin struggling with feelings of power and conflict, and every minor event becomes a battle, which can lead to violent behavior.  Having a weak solar plexus chakra can create feelings of insecurity, guilt and make you unable to stand up for yourself.  These individuals can be easily manipulated and are constantly worried what other people think of them and need constant reassurance.

The solar plexus chakra is located in the center of the body, involving your decision making skills and intellect.  For improving the health of this chakra, it is important to make your own choices, rather than having others deciding for you.  A sign of a weak 3rd chakra is obvious if you feel powerlessness in your life.  This is quite common in adults if in their childhood had little or no say in the decisions effecting their lives.  The development age of this chakra is 8 to 12.  This is the puberty stage of life where teenagers often want to explore and make their own decisions.

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