“One who is aware of his Godself or trueself recognizes it in all. Regardless of his position in the world, he will see you as an equal, a brother or sister in the remembering process. He will look at you as an equal because he recognizes your divinity. His knowledge of himself will strengthen yours. You are here in part to remember your Godself, your divinity. Your Godself is the truth of who you are. The more time you spend during the day in recognition of your divinity, your Godself, the more you’ll become aware of it in your brother, sister, and in the world. So how do you recognize your divinity? If you feel anything that does not reflect peace, love or joy, then you are not in recognition of your Godself, your divinity. When you are experiencing or expressing any type of negativity, you are not in recognition of your divinity. Peace, love and joy reflect the presence of God. Peace, love and joy are natural extensions and expressions of someone who has allowed himself or herself the recognition of his or her Godself. Please note that someone extending and expressing his or her Godself will never judge you for how you choose to feel or behave.” James Blanchard Cisneros

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