Yoga Kula Project Welcomes Bobby Napolitano

bobby4Bobby is a certified yoga instructor from Yoga to the People (YTTP). After a year of studying their quick-paced, sweaty “vinyasa” style he began to teach his first classes at YTTP studios throughout New York City. Looking for a dose of “spiritual” yoga, he picked up and moved to Sivananda Yoga Ranch in Monticello, NY. There Bobby learned the traditional Hindu, hatha-raja style as taught by Swami Vishnudevanada. Bobby volunteered in Harlem, at the Urban Yoga Foundation, where he combined elements of the: vinyasa, hatha, and Bikram styles into his classes. Besides working with adults, Bobby worked in “kids yoga” at Democracy Prep Charter School, giving instruction to middle school children ages 11-13. He has taught privately to clients at their homes, building their practice according to personal needs. Bobby hails from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, a region known for its ethnic and cultural diversity.

Beginning Tuesday July 7: Biker/Hiker Yoga

Yoga practice can be a key component in any endurance training regimen. Yoga for hikers translates into more miles and less fatigue. This yoga class will help release tension in the muscles that get stressed from hiking. It includes both stretching and strengthening poses for hips, legs and back.


Tuesday & Thursday 9:00-10:15 am

Saturday 4:30-5:30 pm

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Starting This Week: Biker/Hiker Yoga

After putting in major cycling miles, your body needs serious relief. But don’t worry, yoga has your back … and legs and hips. This class is a great follow-up for your ride, but you can also use it as a pre-bike stretch—or a mid-ride break.


Yoga By Donation @ Yoga Kula Project


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Biker Yoga: New Yoga Class Starting July 2015

Biker Yoga: Do you love to bike, but your hips get tight and your shoulders ache? This summertime class will enhance your performance. A regular yoga practice is proven to increase strength, balance, endurance and repair worn muscles. This series of poses will focus on areas of the body specific to bikers, runners and hikers and is appropriate for all levels.  Class is practiced in a warm room, in order to increase muscle expansion and softening.  #canyonsresort #mountainbike #parkcity #yoga #hiking


Healing the invisible wounds of war with yoga

An excerpt from this morning, May 26, on CBS News:


War Veteran: Chris Eder

“Air Force veteran Chris Eder’s two tours of duty in Iraq included some near-death experiences. When he came home, he was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), reports CBS News correspondent Chip Reid. “(To) those who know me, I am a happy, happy guy,” Eder said. “I am happy right now. There is a good chance in three minutes from now sh** is going to hit the fan and everything changes,” Eder said. PTSD afflicts about 20 percent of U.S. forces who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Symptoms include severe anxiety, depression and a constant sense of danger . . . “I do not know where I would be without my yoga and my meditation practice,” he said. He said he’d probably be a statistic; one of the estimated 22 U.S. veterans who take their own lives every day.

One challenge, he says, is that many vets — especially men — see yoga as something that doesn’t fit the warrior mold. But when a vet with PTSD gives it a try, Eder said, he’s usually hooked.”

For the full story on yoga & PTSD follow this link:

Stinky Yoga Clothes: Part 2

Are Your yoga clothes STILL stinky?

25-08-2014 vetta

Week 2: Along with your detergent, add 1/4 cup of Lemon Pine Sol or Citrasolv

Hurt Shoulders From Too Many Chaturangas

Did you hurt your shoulders from doing too many Chaturangas? It’s easy to do without proper instruction and patience on your ChaturangaWrongpart. Notice the picture below. Her shoulders are below her elbows; this is the WRONG way! You will eventually damage your shoulders.

Yoga Myth #1: Practicing ‘Chaturanga’ will strengthen your shoulders. NOPE! If not done correctly, this pose will damage the ChaturangaPropershoulders. Notice the picture below. Her shoulders are the same height as her elbows; this is the RIGHT way! Come to our studio and we will instruct you with proper alignment so that, eventually, you can practice again.

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Stinky Yoga Clothes: Part 1

Are your yoga clothes getting stinky?

Week 1: Along with your detergent, add 1/4 cup baking soda to your wash and vinegar to the bleach compartment.